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WW2 Fairbairn Sykes Beaded & Ringed F-S Fighting Knife, sold.

With WW2 European theatre provenance, a Beaded and Ringed model Fairbairn-Sykes F-S Fighting Knife.

WW2 Fairbairn Sykes Beaded & Ringed British Commando F-S Fighting Knife

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A Beaded and Ringed Fairbairn-Sykes F-S Fighting Knife with crows foot (broad arrow) stamp, brought back from Europe by a Royal Artillery Captain, eventually sold on by his widow who only knew the knife was not issued to him and thought it was German! How this knife became separated from the soldier it was originally issued to is a matter of speculation; possibly a trade for something else (with the artillery officer) or an orphan. In any event, the knife and sheath clearly have many years of existing in times of combat; the leather clearly worn through being worn through the serviceman's belt, the brass grip with signs of being knocked around, the tinniest tip of the blade (really, hardly noticeable) is missing (could well be it was a result of opening field rations). In any event, this Fairbairn-Sykes has history.

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The 6 1/4 inch blade is in sound condition, aged and with a tiny piece missing from the tip. The blade is firm in the hilt. The cross guard, clearly period damaged (the cross guard is bent one side - easy enough to remedy / straighten but who would want to?), and a little loose (again, easily remedied if desired). The grip with small dents and chips and gouges, but still very good. The leather sheath aged and worn. The knife is 11 1/4 inches in total length and weights 221g on its own. Sheathed, the knife and sheath are 13 1/4 inches long.

A great example of the Beaded and Ringed Fairbairn-Sykes F-S Fighting Knife and for only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number L07 (1192). Full / additional sized photos available upon request.

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