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Napoleonic / Waterloo Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Sword, Sold

In good though period hilt damaged condition, a rare Napoleonic / Waterloo Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's basked hilted sword, Campbell family provenance.

1798P Napoleonic Wars / Waterloo Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Swordimage K82 1

Sold Item Notice

This sword was sold to us by a member of the Campbell clan / family. Little is known about it, except it had been in the family for time immemorial and the presumption was that it came from the Napoleonic Wars, which includes the Battle of Waterloo where this pattern of sword was used and there were several Campbell family officers serving / in action. All we physically have is a document attesting this sword came from the Campbell family. So many dealers make outlandish claims without substance about their sales items; we do not but believe this sword has seen battle (period damage to hilt and nicks to sword blade) so as to make it almost certain to have been involved physically in the Napoleonic Peninsular and / or 100 Days (Waterloo) Wars.

image K82 2

These swords are rare in any event and our price is justified irrespective of whether it was at Waterloo or not, just based on the scarcity of the sword and the documented provenance to the Campbell family. Be advised though, the hilt may look quite nice in some photos but these gilt on brass hilts were prone to easy damage, and this one is no exception. In fact, part of the hilt is missing and another part has clearly been reattached at a later date. The hilt is frail and should be bought on that basis and treated with great respect.

image K82 3

The single center fullered blade is absolutely correct, most likely a blade made in Solingen and imported into Great Britain by JJ Runkel. The blade is 31 7/8 inches long with patina, wear and nicks. Blade firm in hilt. The hilt with much wear and damage (part of the hilt is missing - it is a period loss by the looks of the black oxidation to the breakage poins) and repair (part of the hilt fell off as I packed the item; it had been glued on "repaired" some time prior; can be copper brazed back on / more permanently repaired - I have merely super-glued it back on) - see last two added photos, and amazingly much gilt remains to make it still impressive looking to this day at certain angles. The fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are above average to good condition.

Truly, when you hold this sword, you are quite if not most likely to be holding a sword held at Waterloo by one of the several Campbell clan / family officers. If we had a written statement from the Campbell family that it was at Waterloo, the price would be double. It would be easy enough for us to falsify this, but we have not, we simply have the documented provenance we say we have, but believe this sword was at that most famous battle.

We must be crazy selling it for only (was) £1000, now £800. Please quote item reference number K82 (1175). Full sized / additional photos available upon request.

Sold on the basis the hilt section will likely come off again at some point, unless brazed permanently on.

image K82 4

image K82 5

image K82 6

image K82 7


image K82 8

Photos below are added to above original photos (after piece of glued hilt came off while packing - now super-glued back on - OK for display, not for strength - to effect permanent repair, the piece needs to be brazed back on, which it can be as the break points all meet).

image K82 9

image K82 10

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