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1747M Prussian / Danish M1813 Heavy Cavalry Backsword, Sold

A 1747 model Prussian / Germanic / Napoleonic Wars Danish "Rytterpallask M1813" backsword for a heavy / dragoon cavalry trooper with regimental markings to the hilt, in good condition.

1747M Prussian / Danish M1813 Heavy Cavalry Backswordimage K76 1

Sales enquiries

The hilt is Prussian 1747 model, but the sword could have been made for / used in Denmark during the Napoleonic Wars as a Danish Rytterpallask M1813. The poinçons on the blade looks most like part of a Potsdam inspector's acceptance mark, but we have been unable to positively identify it in any of our reference books.

image K76 2

The impressive 35 1/2 inch straight blade is in good condition, though aged and with some light pitting. Blade firm in hilt. The brass hilt overall very good considering (some repairs). The grip looks original and is in pretty good though worn shape.

A very rare sword, possibly from the Allied occupation of France after Waterloo / the 100 Days War, and available for only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference K76 (1171). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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