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WW1 1907M Imperial Russian Infantry / Artillery Soldier's Bebout, Sold

A scarce Imperial Russian soldier's short sword, dated 1915 and with regimental markings.

WW1 1907M Imperial Russian Infantry / Artillery Soldier's "Bebout" Sidearmimage K42 1

Sold Item Notice

Very few Imperial marked Russian weapons survived the 1917 revolution, as the Imperial markings or the items themselves were destroyed by the new communist rulers. Some survived in Poland, some survived having been captured by German soldiers.

image K42 2

image K42 3

The 42.8 cm blade has patina spots, but is in good condition and is firm in the hilt. The wooden grip with some age splits but overall good. The brass ferrule and grip rivets are aged but good.

A very nice example of a very scarce and appreciating sword, yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference K42 (1181)

image K42 4




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