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Japanese Nagoya Arsenal WW2 NCO's Katana (sold)

World War Two Japanese 1935 Pattern Non-Commissioned Officer's Katana / Sword with scabbard (saya), blade and fuchi correctly stamped.

Japanese Nagoya Arsenal WW2 NCO's KatanaJapanese Nagoya Arsenal WW2 NCO's Katana

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Good condition WW2 katana for Japanese NCO with serial number 78088 to 69.5 cm blade. This is one of the most copied / reproduced swords on the market and copies are very good except they do not get the blade and fuchi stampings correct. This is a 100% authentic piece.


The blade has some patina but could be cleaned; there is a very small amount of movement in the hilt. The scabbard is not original to the katana; it is an authentic scabbard / saya and sheathes well but has a different serial number and the locking mechanism / catch does not locate far enough out to hold the scabbard in place; this is normal as a large number of swords were stored in warehouses by the allies after WW2 and then soldiers were given access to them to take home as war trophies and scabbards got mixed up. This serial number indicates the sword was commissioned around 1942 / 1943 at the height of the war and probably saw very active service. Further pictures available upon request.

image fuchi

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