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Koto Period Bunmei Era Japanese Katana signed Kanefusa Saku (sold)

In contempory mounts, most likely a 1469 to 1487 Japanese Katana, signed Kanefusa Saku (likely one of famous swordsmith Kaneshige's sons).

17 Century Japanese Bungo Katana17C Japanese  Signed Katana

Sold Item Notice

Fine graceful blade with unshortened / long tang, straight "Suga ha" hamon, small mokume forging pattern, signed Kanefusa Saku. Minimal number of small Ji-Are and Ware forging Kizu ("flaws"), the 28.5 inch (including habaki) blade is in a good state of polish.

Special thanks to John Stuart. See his page covering one such item relating to Seki Kanefusa ha of Mino (affiliated with the Zenjo) for other near identical signatures from the same family / group.

Suga ha Suishinshi

Further pictures available upon request.

Ten Tsuneyuki




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