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1807P British 10th Prince of Wales own Light Dragoons sabre, sold

A very, very rare 1807 Pattern (special version of the 1796 pattern) British light dragoons officer's sabre for the 10th Prince of Wales own Light Dragoons, and therefore 99.99% certain to have been at the important charge which routed the French cavalry at Waterloo.

1796P / 1807P British 10th Prince of Wales own Light Dragoons sabre,image J70 1

Sold Item Notice

One of the very few British cavalry officer swords without documented provenance that you can be sure was at the famous charge at Waterloo, because it is a special pattern for the 10th Prince of Wales own Light Dragoons. OK, it is aged. OK, the grip has suffered. OK, one of the Prince of Wales' feathers langets has been broken. OK, the scabbard has virtually rusted away. OK, it is not the best example ever, but they are so rare that you are unlikely to come across another unless you are in a museum. The last one we are aware of that came onto the market in 2009 (sword values have since doubled) was sold for £4,560 (see: Google search - click the Bonhams auction link). The only other one since then was at Christies in 2012 which was actually withdrawn from sale.

The unique talismanic etching used by the 10th Light Dragoons is still visible to the blade; the sabre was made by JJ Runkel Solingen. Hold this sabre and tremble at the day it was an important part of the rout of the Imperial French Cavalry that few believed could be defeated.

image J70 2

The 32 inch blade is aged and with rust areas, but sound and firm in the hilt. The hilt has lost most of its gilt, but is still sound; one langet broken. The fishskin grip has lost various bits; some of the grip wire bindings are still there. The scabbard is very old, with a large kink / crease. The sabre no longer is able to fully sheath.

Price: £x (too late, now sold, but we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference J70 (1137). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

Footnote: This sabre came from the estate of the widow of Captain 'Tiger' Sarll (1882 - 1977).

image J70 3


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