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1802 Pattern Belgium / Belgian Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre, for sale

An exceptionally rare Spanish bladed 1802 Pattern Belgium light cavalry officer's sabre, possibly a Batavian Republic officer's sabre. Now with 20% discount.

1802 Pattern Belgium / Belgian Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre

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Given the Spanish blade, the officer was obviously a Catholic and not a supporter of the French Imperial Empire that had annexed and then incorporated the country into France. The "No me saques sin razon, no me envaines sin honor" (Draw me not without reason; sheath me not without honor) and the style of the maker's mark to the spine confirms this is a Spanish blade, though the hilt is absolutely 1802P Belgian.

The 35 inch blade is in very good order and firm in the hilt, the brass hilt also good, the fishskin grip with very little wear.

Rare, rare, rare and just (was) £800, now £640. Please quote item reference J28. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1123-1.18 (2.1).

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