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1833 Model US Massachusetts National Lancers Sabre, Sold

In aged and embattled condition, a rare US / Massachusetts Model 1833 National Lancers sabre.

1833 Model US Massachusetts National Lancers Sabreimage I87 1

Sold Item Notice

If only this sword could tell of its past. A rare M1833 National Lancers sabre made rarer by the fact it has a shortened blade, 31 7/16 inches long, and a steel rather than brass scabbard, and that the scabbard was made for said 31 7/16 inch blade (there is no room for the blade to be any longer). The scabbard has not been shortened as the only place to have done this would have been above the top suspension ring, but this is correctly spaced from the scabbard mouth. Clearly, the blade was shortened, so the steel scabbard was especially made for the sword. The likelihood is that this sabre was damaged during the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), the point reground, a new scabbard made for it and possibly then used again during the US Civil War, when M1833s were pressed into service, especially by the Confederate South. This possibility, that it was ultimately a Confederate sword fits into the last chapter of the story, in that we purchased the item from the UK, not the USA, because many Confederate soldiers fled to British Honduras (now Belize). It is just a possibility, no facts are known or information provided regarding this sword; it has a totally unknown history.

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The 31 7/16 inch blade is in overall good condition and firm in the hilt. Etched one side to the National Lancers, the other bearing the maker's details (N.P. Ames / Cutler / Springfield / 1837) to the forte. The hilt has sustained some damage / bending, but not too much. The leather grip is original but again aged and worn. The steel scabbard is generally good, some rust as you would expect. The sword sheathes and draws well.

A great piece of largely unknown history; one can only imagine when exactly the very old / period scabbard was made for the sword and why the original point was lost; perhaps it was stuck in some poor unfortunate Mexican. In any event, this is a solid investment given its period bespoke scabbard. Please quote item reference I87 (1098). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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