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19/20C Indonesian Keris, Madura Gayaman Ukiran, Strong Pamor for sale

In good condition, a superb pamor Indonesian keris / kris, with Madura Gayaman hilt

image I72 Indonesian Keris Madura Gayaman Ukiran Strong Pamor

Sold Item Notice

The ukiran (hilt) is surely a replacement as the hilt cup is oversized. But the 14 5/16 inch blade is lovely and worth the price we are asking alone. The hilt cup with semiprecious stone / glass inserts, the ivory or bone hilt well carved and in good condition. The blade fits correctly into the Warangka (sheath), so it is likely original to the blade. Really, an above average blade and nice all round keris. Our price is just £300. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item number I72. Box 1096-0.5 (0.619)

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