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Shinto / Shinshinto Hamidashi Tanto, Owari Seki School for sale

A very good Shinto / Shinshinto Hamidashi Tanto, very good Asaki-notare ha hamon with Masame Jihada in high state of polish, most likely made by a swordsmith of the Matasune branch of the Owari Seki School.

Shinto / Shinshinto Hamidashi Tanto, Matasune branch of the Owari Seki School

Sales enquiries

A very well made Shinto or possibly Shinshinto Hamidashi (with tsuba) variant of a Japanese tanto. The 7 1/2 inch (cutting edge) hihira-zukuri blade is in very good condition (high polish), the Masame forge lines particularly pleasing, very strong Asaki-notare ha hamon. The Kogai (smallest knife) is present, the Kozuka / Gokatana (slightly larger knife) is missing (replacement easily sourced online if required). The furniture generally of high quality and in aged reasonable to good condition.

A superb tanto for only £750. Please quote item reference number I70. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1079-0.5 (0.406)

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