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Napoleonic/Waterloo French An XI Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, sold

In exceptionally good condition, a guaranteed 100% authentic Napoleonic French An XI light cavalry trooper's sabre; this sword is dated June 1813 and is almost certainly a Waterloo battle trophy.

Rare Napoleonic / Waterloo French An XI Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Swordimage I39 1

Sold Item Notice

First, be warned, there are many, many reproductions of the French An XI light cavalry sword on the market, but this is a rare authentic period sabre; you can determine this by the quality of the Klingenthal date inscription to the spine and the fact it correctly tallies with the correct inspection / acceptance / poinçons for that date. Dated June 1813 with the correct poinçons for Joseph Innocent Krantz, Jean-Georges Bick and François Louis Lobstein.

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The 34 1/2 inch blade is in very good condition, the poinçons rubbed a little from the sheathing and drawing of the blade, but still clearly visible. The blade is firm in the hilt and the hilt wonderfully aged with a honey brown brass colour that shows it is old but has been kept free of tarnish. The original ribbed leather grip is also very good for its age, some wear but not too much. The heavy steel scabbard in also in very good condition, some rusted areas but not so many / too much. This is an exceptional, well, well above average example. And no post-1815 marks, so almost certainly a Waterloo pick up.

Try and find a better authentic Napoleonic wars French An XI light cavalry sabre; we are sure you can / will not. Therefore the price ticket is both an absolute bargain and superb investment. Please quote item reference number I39 (1047). Further / full sized images upon request..

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