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WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Gai Gunto, unsigned, good polish, sold

A WW2 Japanese naval officer's kai-gunto, complete with sword knot, unsigned and in good original polish.

WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Gai Gunto, unsigned, good polishimage H78 1

Sold Item Notice

This is a lovely example of an Imperial Japanese naval officer's sword, which was clearly taken from the officer, rather than handed in as a mass surrender item, given the fact it comes with its original sword knot (Japanese officers removed the sword knots when hading in mass surrender swords). The blade is likely to be late war, though appears to be one of the better ones, with some nie evident.

image H78 2

image H78 3

The 64 cm blade (excludes habaki) is in really good condition, some scuffing and scratches here and there, but not very much. There is a good strong straight hamon which again indicates that the blade is one of the better ones, as it was not common for straight hamons to be etched onto a blade. Everything seems good. The rayskin (same) covered saya (scabbard) indicates a quality sword (lacquered saya normally hold lesser blades). The ito bindings are over black faux rayskin. The sword sheathes and draws very well.

Truly, a well above average example. Tremendous value. Please quote item number H78 (1011). Additional / full sized photos available upon request.

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