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1821P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword by Deakin, Sold

In very good condition, a scarce to even rare trooper's version of the 1821 pattern cavalry sword.

1821P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword by Deakin

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Marked to maker Deakin on the spine, with correct crown over 4 Board of Ordnance acceptance mark and Osborn name on the scabbard, this is a marriage; the sword is not original to the scabbard. This actually is not a bad thing, as it suggests the sword was separated from its original scabbard, quite possibly in battle. Such marriages can occur later, normally when swords are passed to reservist / yeomanry regiments; the sword was issued to a regular / front line cavalry regiment as it has the crown inspection / acceptance mark. However, had this sword and scabbard ended up with a yeomanry regiment, there would almost certainly be associated markings, and there are none. So the most probable explanation is a battlefield marriage.

The 35 1/2 inch blade is in very good condition for its age, save for the period small nicks to the cutting edge (the blade was period sharpened) which only adds to the prospect this sword saw action somewhere like the Crimean War (Charge of the Light Brigade). The blade is firm in the hilt, the steel hilt is still solid but pitted, which has removed the likely / possible regimental information that could indicate where these sword had been. The original grip is also in good order. The steel scabbard is good though with pitting and survived the years courtesy of someone having painted it many years ago (paint now removed, though small specks still remain). The sword sheathes and draws very well.

These trooper's swords are much rarer than officer's swords, and to get one in such good condition and with such a possible historical story to tell is very, very rare. Priced at £xxx, this sword will only appreciate in value if looked after. Please quote item reference number H60 (1008). Further / large images available upon request.

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