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1788 Patt. British Light Dragoon Officer's Sabre, JJ Runkel, sold

In good condition, a 1788 pattern Georgian British light dragoon officer's sabre by JJ Runkel.

1788 Patt. British Light Dragoon Officer's Sabre, JJ Runkelimage H58 1

Sold Item Notice

The JJ Runkel Solingen inscription can just be read on the blade's spine. The remains of the regiment name "XXXXXX Light Dragoons" only has the "Light Dragoons" part legible, as this was protected from over zealous cleaning over the years courtesy of the langets.

image H58 2

The highly curved 33 1/4 inch blade was period sharpened, as you would expect. The blade has been cleaned to the point only a little of the original etching still exists under the langets, Blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt is in good shape, as is the grip.

A scarce sabre and well worth our price. Please quote item reference H58 (1026). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image H58 3

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