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1821/1887 Patt Victorian British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword, Sold

The blade and hilt in very good condition, an almighty Hamburger, Rogers & Co made 1821 pattern (1887 for blade length) British heavy cavalry officer's sword.

1821/1887 Patt Victorian British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword, Hamburger & Rogersimage H32 1

Sales enquiries

This is a beauty of a sword, though the scabbard not so. The sword was protected in Victorian varnish (they used this often to preserve steel items) but they forgot to coat the scabbard! The 35 1/4 inch slightly curved blade indicates this sword was made circa 1887, as this is the year that specific blade length was considered the norm. In case you see dust on the sword, it is not, it is pollen (sorry, the sword was left outside overnight (covered) after having the varnish removed and no one realized it had gained a dusting of pollen (now wiped off) before photographing it.

image H32 2

The 35 /14 inch blade is well etched and in very good original condition (two small specs of varnish on one side we noticed also after photographing it; again, now removed). The blade has been period sharpened and very well done. Blade firm in the hilt. The steel hilt in wonderful condition. The fishskin grip is very good, as are the associated twisted grip wire bindings. The scabbard has suffered in poor storage conditions over the years, but still (you could use a compound to hide the pitting, then use a steel finish paint if desired). The sword sheathes and draws OK; the inner wooden slat liners have perished of course.

This is a lot of quality mighty sword for the price tag of £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference H32 (1002). Further / full sized images upon request.

image H32 3

image H32 4


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