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Shinto Japanese Wakizashi, Ko-Gunome-Midare Ha Hamon, sold

In high polish condition, an excellent Shinto period Japanese Wakizashi, unsigned.

Shinto Period Unsigned Japanese Wakizashi, Ko-Gunome-Midare Ha Hamonimage H17 1

Sold Item Notice

The beautiful Ko-Gunome-Midare Ha Hamon indicates the blade is from the Nagasone School (at Yedo) in Musashi Province, circa 1650-1700. The blade is very good condition with high polish, one small forging mark.

image H17 4

The 21 inch blade (excludes habaki) has three mekugi-ana; the tang has at some stage been shortened to accommodate a typically shorter more recent tsuka, which is very common. The sword generally is in very good condition, the same (rayskin) has split one side as it has dried (olive oil may correct this). The saya has various chips etc. But overall, an excellent sword with a stunning blade.

Grab it quick; this is one item that will not hang around for long. Please quote item reference H17 (986). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image H17 3

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