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Shinto Period Japanese Wakizashi, signed Sukesada, sold

In good order, a Shinto Japanese wakizashi signed "Sukesada".

Shinto Period Japanese Wakizashi, signed Sukesadaimage H16 1

Sold Item Notice

A very respectable signed Shinto period Japanese wakizashi by a smith called Sukesada (if you click the link you will see that there were a lot of blade makers called Sukesada, some exceptionally highly ranked).

image H16 2 Sukesada

Everything aged but in good order, blade 16 3/4 long excluding habaki with feint hamon. This wakizashi would benefit from a professional polish, to say the least. But it is, none the less, a very good sword for the price. Please quote item reference H16 (993). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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