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WW2 Japanese Heiho (Converted Dutch 1911M Klewang) for sale

In very good condition, a scarce Japanese Heiho conversion of a Hembrug made Dutch 1911M klewang cutlass. Now with 20% discount.

WW2 Japanese Heiho (Converted Dutch Hembrug 1911M Klewang)image H12 1

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A great WW2 item. When the Japanese invaded the Dutch East Indies, they converted a number of Dutch 1911M Klewang cutlasses into machetes / jungle swords by removing most of the bowl guard / hilt; these are called Japanese Heiho.

image H12 2

The 43.8 cm blade is in good condition, it has lost most of its original black paint which indicates it was used (as a jungle machete). Blade firm in the hilt, the hilt good, the original Dutch leather scabbard also good. This heiho sheathes and draws well.

A good and evocative investment all in one for only (was) £350, now £280. Please quote item reference number H12. Further / large images available upon request. Box 1014-1m (1.701)


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