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WW2 / George 6th Scottish Black Watch Officer's Broadsword (sold)

Good condition, WW2 era Scottish Black Watch officer's basket-hilt broadsword with blackened leather scabbard.

WW2 Scottish Black Watch officer's broadswordWW2 Black Watch Basket Hilt

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A stunning WW2 era / George 6th Scottish basket hilted broadsword in tell-tale black scabbard for the Black Watch. There are no regimental markings or maker's name to the blade. None the less, a very fine piece indeed and such broadswords are becoming increasingly difficult to source at sensible prices as collectors simply do not let go of them very often.

image WW1 Scottish Black Watch Officers Broadsword 3

The 32.5 inch blade has been replated, I believe some time ago to prolong its service life or before the time when keeping the original blade etching clear was important; the etching is very feint consequently, though the blade very bright overall. The blade is firm in the hilt, the basket looks good with no damage. The fishskin grip and twisted wire bindings are in good order. The original scarlet tassel in good order. The blackened leather with steel ball (officer's) chape / drag looks very good, a little faded in places. Further / full sized images available upon request. Item reference code 324.

image WW1 Scottish Black Watch Officers Broadsword 4



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