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19th Century Silver Omani / Arabian Peninsular Jambiya for sale

In good general condition, a fine 19C silver Omani Jambiya, tested for silver (result = 92%+ silver) from the Arabian Peninsular. Now with 20% discount.

Sales enquiries

A very high quality and old Omani jambiya, the silver work to the sheath is outstanding. We tested an obcsure section of the hilt and the result was 92%+ silver content (see test photo below; the dark red from this specialist acid test shows the silver content is above 92%). There is some damage to the mouth of the sheath, as should be expected with such aged fine metal, and this indicates that the sheath is solid silver rather than silver plate (if it is silver plate, the acid test shows the silver plate is thick). The 18cm steel blade has some rust (now treated) is sound and firm in the grip. Yes, it is a little bit more aged (damaged / worn) than other jambiyas we have seen, but it is clearly older, and the silverwork is exceptional. A good solid investment at (was) £350, now £280 given it is much earlier a piece than most jambiyas that come onto the market. Please quote item reference number G72. Full sized / further images available upon request. Box 971-bespoke 45x30x20 (1.543)

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