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Shinto Katana, chu-jo saku smith, Yamamoto Genji Terushige, sold

A very rare blade by 4th generation Terushige, in stunning private purchase senior Japanese officer mounts, in very good condition.

Shinto Katana, chu-jo saku swordsmith, Yamamoto Genji Terushigeimage G15 1

Sold Item Notice

Please note: the sword has been sent to Tony Norman (quality UK Japanese sword polisher) on the 3rd December 2013. The price we can offer it at depends on whether the polish has started or not, and also a report from Tony Norman as to the final result of course (there is some bending to the blade but he believes this is not a problem to rectify).

Mei: Bushu Shimohara ju Yamamoto Genji Terushige (made blades from 1661-1684) (Shimohara is sometimes written as Shitahara) can be found here - apparently, according to the Japanese resource book Nihonto Meikan was the only Yamamoto Terushige to sign with "Genji", rather than the norm / full form of "Genjiro".

Bushu Shimohara ju Yamamoto Genji Terushige

The spectacular 30 1/2 inches long blade (excludes habaki) is much longer than the normal katana, it is Tachi length, though the signature being on the one used for signing a katana. As Yamamoto Genji Terushige came from a long line of Musashi Province Shimohara Terushige smiths, it is quite likely the influence of the tachi came down from his forefathers, 1st and 2nd generation Terushige smiths, who would have made Tachis for Samurai. In any event, this is a spectacular blade to say the very least.

image G15 8

Equally spectacular are the mounts, with dragonfly fuchi, menuki and kashira, though in a leather field service saya (scabbard) for an Imperial Japanese army officer during World War 2; the fact the furniture does not have the Imperial Chrysanthemums, along with such a large and old blade, indicates this sword was carried by a very senior officer.

image G15 4

OK, so the massive blade is in very good condition, save for scuffing / wear and the end of the tip being a little bent (Tony Norman to the rescue). The furniture is in very good condition, the rayskin having cracked in two one side under the silk bindings, but everything else is very good for the age. As it stand right now, before Tony Norman starts polishing the blade (he is expected to be able to do it around June 2014; he is very popular and always has a back log of work), you can own this sword for £(price removed). Once it has been polished, if we still have it, the price range will be somewhere between £(price removed).

Please quote item reference G15. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box TN

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