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British 1804 Pattern Royal Navy / Naval Cutlass, sold

In very good condition, an authentic 1804 pattern (Battle of Trafalgar era) British Royal Navy Cutlass

British 1804 Pattern Royal Navy / Naval Cutlass, Battle of Trafalgar era

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We guarantee this is an authentic Georgian British 1804 pattern navy cutlass, not one of the many falsely aged reproductions on the market (be warned; we have seen several being falsely sold as antiques on various other sites). This cutlass was bought by us from The Pines Garden Museum (operated by the Bay Trust).

The 25 1/2 inch blade is in very good order, has a lovely speckled patina, what appears to be the remnants of an etched / stamped crown and is firm in the hilt. The "8 guard" hilt is in very good shape, as is the ribbed steel / iron grip. 1804P's do not normally come in such good condition unless they are reproductions; again, this one is 100% authentic, guaranteed.

An exceptional investment. Please quote item reference G08. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 927-1m (1.765)

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