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1788 Patt. British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, sold

In very good condition, a full basket version of the British 1788 heavy cavalry sword, almost certainly a French war trophy from the Flanders Campaign

British 1788 image F98 1

Sold Item Notice

We generally have French swords that are British war (Waterloo) trophies. This is almost certainly the reverse; a British sword that was a French war trophy from the Flanders Campaign of 1793 to 1795, where the French defeated the British, Austrians, Prussians, Dutch, Hanoverians, etc. You see, we bought this sword from an old estate in France where the owner had one sword only, this one. The otherwise unmarked huge blade bearing what looks like the "Old style King's head" stamp of the Weyersberg family blade / sword makers of Solingen, as was common with British swords then.

image F98 2

The massive 39 inch blade is in very good condition, very little rusting, no apparent damage (so the original holder of this sword most likely either dropped it as he fled or was one of the thousands of British soldiers cut down in their prime). A little movement in the hilt, not much. The hilt in equally exceptionally good condition; some rust patches, not much. The fishskin grip is still there and in fairly good condition. Truly, this is a well above average find of a very rare sword. As such, and given it is almost certainly a French war trophy and therefore saw action (or inaction), the price is a snip. Please quote item reference number F98. Further / full sized images available upon request.

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