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19th Century Indian Tulwar "100 Kills Sword", sold

A rare mounted rider's Indian tulwar with a small drilled hole with brass inset into the double fullered blade, to signify the sword and its master had made 100 kills, in good condition.

19th Century Indian Tulwar "100 Kills Sword"image F89 1

Sold Item Notice

A rare sword courtesy of its 100 kills brass filled blade drill hole.

image F89 2

The double fullered 34 3/4 inch blade indicates this sabre was used by a mounted rider. A little movement but not much in the hilt. The hilt with worn engraving. All generally very sound. Some old black rust pitting to point end of blade, but not too much.

If you like swords with a recorded kill history, then this is your boy. Please quote item reference number F89 (931). Full sized / additional photos available upon request.

image F89 3

image F89 4

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