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Victorian British Patent Solid Hilt Royal Naval Officer's Sword, Sold

A Victorian British Royal naval Officer's Sword with Patent Solid Hilt in good condition.

Victorian British Patent Solid Hilt Royal Naval Officer's Swordimage F70 1

Sold Item Notice

The folding guard with no through hole in the folding guard (there is a locking hole but it does not go through the folding guard section all the way) suggests this sword dates to around 1880. It bears the name of, we presume, a naval outfitters which is feint but appears to be "Fromwell Queen Street Portsea". The blade etching generally however is quite clear and good for this age of RN sword.

image F70 2

image F70 3

The 31 inch slightly curved blade is in good condition, some black rust spots, etc but generally well above average. The blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt astoundingly retaining quite good amounts of gilt. The fishskin grip is a little grubby but still very, very good for its age. The solid tang showing through the base of the grip. The twisted grip wire bindings are good. The leather and gilt (worn) fittings scabbard is good, a little unusual in that the middle suspension loop appears to be the wrong / opposed way. We are not sure if this is how the officer had his scabbard or if someone put it back the wrong way around at a later date. It should be a fairly easy matter to ease the bottom fitting off to reposition the middle fitting if desired. The sword sheathes and draws well; the locking pin just shy of the folding guard hole (probably due to a minute amount of leather shrinkage.

This is a very old naval sword in well above average condition and well worth the price. Please quote item reference number F70 (914). Full sized / further images available upon request


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