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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, knot / tassel, SOLD

In very good condition, a WW2 Imperial Japanese army officer's shin gunto, unsigned blade, with original tassel / knot.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, knot / tassle, unsignedimage F55 1

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100% Guaranteed Authentic. A great example of a WW2 Japanese army officer's shin gunto katana with its original tassel, which means this sword was taken directly from the officer, not one surrendered en mass at the end of the war (as these had their tassels removed by the Japanese officers).

image F55 2

Unsigned tang (nakago) but has the "W" stamp to it, which indicates it was produced by the Chigusa Factory section of the Nagoya Arsenal.

The 25 1/2 inch blade with single bohi (groove / fuller) is in very good condition. The sword could do with another seppa (washer); it has a set of seppa and tsuba type 187 but there is gap enough for one more. Everything else is in good shape except a) the tassel is nearly worn through where it has rubbed against the sarute loop, b) the rayskin on one side has a menuki peg hole that is a little wide, the spring clip mechanism is present but the far locking end is missing, as is common. Still, a great looking sword which sheathes and draws well onto a well above average leather saya / scabbard.

Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item number F55 (896).

image F55 3

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