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19th Century Indo-Persian Tulwar, Fine Wootz Blade, Sold

In very good condition, with maker's / armourer's mark to the fine wootz blade, a 19th Century Indo-Persian tulwar.

19th Century Indo-Persian Tulwar, Fine Wootz Blade, Maker's / Armourer's Markimage F50 1

Sold Item Notice

An awesome fighting sword / sabre, clear wootz speckling to blade, almost Damascus in places, with maker's / armourer's stamp to the blade, under a langet. Finely engraved hilt with copper inset disc one side.

image F50 2 makers mark

The 30 1/2 inch curved blade is menacing, to say the least. This is an extremely well made, solid sabre / sword / tulwar. A small nick to the cutting edge implies if not indicates this sword was used for more than just dress purposes / show.

image F50 3 wootz steel blade

The blade is firm the hilt. The hilt / grip worn but the detail is still very clear. An exceptional investment. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference F50 (906). Box 906-1m

image F50 4

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