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Imperial Russian Kuban Cossack KKV Kindjal (short sword), Sold

Dated 1905, a Russian Kuban Cossack KKV Kindjal, aged, but in sound condition.

image F37 Russian Kuban Cossack Kindjal

Sold Item Notice

The 34.5 cm blade is worn, but the etching is still clear enough, with Imperial Russian double headed eagle and KKV emblem, plus various stamps, the etched year 1905 just visible. Blade firm enough in the grip. One wooden grip segment had crack. Scabbard old, believed original. Overall in sound condition. Yours for £??? which is very good value as these generally sell for around $1000 (USD) in this condition. Further / full sized images available. Please quote item reference F37 (873).

image F37 1

image F37 2

image F37 3

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image F37 5

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