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Waterloo Provenance Clipped Point French Heavy Cavalry Sword, sold

In very good condition, a rare original unmodified clipped point An XIII Napoleonic French Cuirassier sword, Atelier de précision & Versailles markings, Waterloo provenance.

Waterloo Provenance Original Clipped Point French Heavy Cavalry Swordimage F32 1

Sold Item Notice

First, we 100% money back guarantee this is an authentic Napoleonic Wars French heavy cavalry trooper's sword. Bought by us in the UK, this clearly is a Waterloo battlefield pick up / battle trophy, not least as it has the so called Mk 3 scabbard, first issued in 1814, plus the V verified stamp used mostly on arms of honor, and the swords of the Imperial Guard, who were at Waterloo. Not many clipped point versions of this sword remain, most converted to spear point just before and equally after Waterloo, once the French army was under the control of King Louis XVIII. Therefore, this clipped point must not only have been at Waterloo, but is a battle trophy as a) it would have been modified to spear point if it had stayed in French service, and b) there are no post Waterloo markings, which there would have been had it remained in French service. This rare clipped point sword is a great slice of history as it proves, yet again, that Mk 3 scabbards were used with clipped point swords for a brief spell.

image F32 2 Versailles

image F32 3 Atelier de precision Manceaux A Paris

This particular sword has the "AP" (often debated as to whether this is Arsenal de Paris or Atelier de précision), and what looks like the remains of maker Manceaux A Paris's poinçon (stamp). These AP marked blades are often associated with the 2nd Cuirassier Regiment, although the "V" stamp inside the Versailles marked hilt either means the cavalryman that help the sword had been decorated for honour or that he was in the Imperial Guard. What is very interesting is the lack of a rack number to the hilt. This may well endorse the V mark as being for an honoured member of the 2nd Cuirassier Regiment, perhaps someone who felt he did not want his sword modified to spear point.

The 38 inch blade is in very good condition, and is firm in the hilt. The hilt equally in very good order. The original grip leather has thinned bus is still present, which is a great bonus being able to hold the same leather grip as the original feared French heavy cavalry trooper once did; the twisted grip wire bindings are a later replacement. The original Mark 3 steel scabbard in in very good condition, the sword sheathes and draws well, the scabbard able to hold the sword in place when inverted. A well above average example and with a clipped point plus Waterloo provence; the absolute pinnacle of a collector's aspirations.

Our price is £1600. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number F32 (868).

image F32 4 an xiii hatchet clipped point

image F32 5 v stamp

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