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Victorian Royal Naval Named Famous Officer's Sword, Sold

In good though aged & blackened condition, a rare version of a Victorian naval officer's sword, patent solid hilt, "Toledo" blade, original owner is an officer who end up Admiral Raymond A Nugent

Victorian Royal Naval Named Famous Officer's Sword, Patent Solid Hilt, Toledo Bladeimage F25 1

Sold Item Notice

This sword was the one held by Admiral Raymond Andrew Nugent, C.M.G when he obtained his commission as lieutenant on 30 June, 1892. It is a very bespoke version of a British naval officer's sword to say the least. It appears to be Wilkinson made, but perhaps not, as it it has both a patent solid hilt and "Toledo" style blade, both pointing towards what Wilkinson could offer. But perhaps this was made by another maker to Raymond Andrew Nugent's specification, hence the lack of any maker's name. It is certainly built as a fighting sword, rather than a dress sword, as the blade is plain and only 30 1/2 inches long, rather than the normal 32 inches for a dress sword. Though what sword fights Raymond Nugent thought he might have in 1892 is a mystery. The provenance is from a well known prestigious auction house who stated the original owner as fact.

image F25 2

The plain blade has got a dark patina along its entire course. The proof disc is plain besides "proved" and therefore offers no clues as the the original maker, seemingly keen to keep the fact they were making a solid patent hilt without benefit of the patent involved! The hilt was soot black when we got it, and we have cleaned most off to reveal what appears to be a high level of gilt remaining; we presume the sword was kept near a very smoky chimney. Certainly a good project for self-refurbishment in our opinion. The fishskin grip is very grubby, though may well clean up. The scabbard is well aged and worn though complete. The shoe is very dented. The leather is relatively sound. The sword sheathes and draws quite well. The folding guard works and locates onto the scabbard pin as it should.

image F25 3

Our price for this very unique sword once owned and held by a famous British naval officer. Please quote item reference F25 (881). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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