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WW2 Japanese Officer's Shin Gunto, earlier Bizen blade, sold

In good condition, a WW2 Japanese army officer's shin gunto katana with earlier Bizen, possibly O-Suriage School Muromachi period unsigned blade.

WW2 Japanese Officer's Shin Gunto, Bizen O-Suriage School Muromachi period bladeimage F13 1

Sold Item Notice

This may the bargain of a lifetime if, as we have good reason to believe, the blade in this WW2 shin gunto is O-Suriage School Muromachi period (1392-1573 : just see how much these sell for in an Internet search); a number of collectors / experts have cast their eyes over full sized photos.............

Bizen kuni ju

The nakago (tang) has been shortened. Unfortunately, due to where the signature was placed (part of the rationale for it being O-Suriage School Muromachi period), the critical characters identifying the blade maker are gone. What there is of the mei reads just "Bizen kuni ju" (with the top of the next character still visible).

The 25 3/4 inch cutting edge (excludes habaki) blade is in good order, though in need of a professional polish, to be sure. The shin gunto fittings are in good enough order, the saya (scabbard) is very heavy, the rayskin has gone, and the release catch mechanism and button are missing.

image F13 3

Still, a very good sword for the money and with the prospect of a valuable blade as well! Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference number F13 - Box 875-1m (2.773Kg)

image F13 4 O Suriage School Muromachi period blade

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