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1897 Pattern Edward 7th British Infantry Officer's Sword, sold

In good condition, an Edward 7th British infantry officer's sword with distinctive snakeskin (possibly patterned leather) grip.

1897 Pattern Edward 7th British Infantry Officer's Sword, Snakeskin Gripimage F10 1

Sold Item Notice

A very good and well / quality etched sword with a very distinctive and no doubt highly fashionable (for the time) snakeskin grip; we are sure it is authentic snakeskin but would like to put the caveat in that it may be patterned leather (in any event, the grip is particularly good / unique).

image F10 2

image F10 3

The 32 /1 2 inch blade is very nicely etched with British Royal Coat of Arms and King Edward VII's Royal Cypher. No maker mark. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt generally good to very good. The snakeskin / patterned leather grip in very good, though the twisted grip wire bindings have some loss. The sword sheathes and draws well into the plated steel scabbard which again is in good condition. A well above average example. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference F10 (867).

image F10 4

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