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Edo period Bo-hi bladed shin gunto, sold

A superb Edo period bo-hi (grooved) blade, unsigned, in full polish, in Shin Gunto mounts.

Edo period Bo-Hi Bladed KatanaEdo era Bo-Hi Bladed Shin Gunto

Sold Item Notice

This is a superbly made 67cm (excluding habaki) blade, circa early 17th Century and one of the sword maker's finest by token of the fact it has a "bo-hi" groove; the sword maker is unknown as the blade is not signed. I have handled a number of bo-hi blades and this one is excellent; the groove is well and evenly made.

When I realized this was a high quality blade in then somewhat tatty Japanese shin gunto army mounts, I sent the entire sword away for refurbishment and polishing. Six months later the sword is as you see it now. The polisher, who I will gladly put a buyer in touch with commented that if he had the funds he would buy it from me; the blade is so good with so little ware (forging lines / defects). The photo below actually shows the worst side of the blade at the worst point.

There is one tiny issue with the katana in that the nakago-ana (the hole in the blade's tang) does not align with the hole in the tsuka (grip). I do not want to replace the entire mounts (a buyer may well decide to lose the army mounts anyway), nor do I want to expand the nakago-ana; there are two nakago-ana as can be seen below.

Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Item number 260 / Box87-1m.

image 14 15 tang 1

image 14 15 tang 2

image 14 15 tip






image 14th 15th Century bo hi bladed katana 3

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