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WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Kai Gunto signed Kiyonobu, sold

A scarce Imperial Japanese naval officer's kai gunto, signed Kiyonobu.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Naval Officer's Kai Gunto, signed Kiyonobuimage E88 1

Sales enquiries

Please note: This is a 100% authentic WW2 Japanese naval officer's kai gunto, the blade signed by one of Japan's top WW2 blade makers, Kiyonobu; it is also dated August 1944. It is on sale for such a low price because a) the sword does not sheath fully into the saya / scabbard (the saya is either not the original for the blade or there is an obstruction) and b) consequently, the blade has rusted a little (it can be polished).

image E88 2 Kiyonobu

image E88 Showa Ju Hachi Nen August 1944

The 24 3/4 inch cutting edge (excludes habaki) blade has light rust spots along its length both sides, plus one small patch of pitting which can be felt by touch. Otherwise the blade is good and the sugu ha (straight) hamon is still visible; it appears the hamon is real, not etched and the rust spot pattern does indicate this is a gendaito (or at least not a rolled steel) blade, despite the fact the tang has a Seki (army inspection) stamp. The grip is same (rayskin), as is the saya (scabbard). The tsuka (grip) is in good condition. Again, the saya does not fit the blade and the sword is being sold as is, for display including the saya but for display outside of it. The buyer may well be able to rectify the issue, but we can not guarantee it.

Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number E88 (845)

image E88 3

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