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WW1 British / U.S. Model 1913 / 1917 Remington Rifle Bayonet, sold

A Remington WW1 bayonet in very good condition.

image E64 Remington 1913 1917 US British Bayonet

Sold Item Notice

16 15/16 inch blade in very good condition, rest of bayonet also very good, the black war time paint coming off here and there. Marked 1913 for the British 1913 Pattern with the date "9 17" for September 1917, then marked on the reverse side with US markings. A well above average piece. Our price only £(too late - sold - but we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference number E64 (p283).

image E64 2

image E64 1

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