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1827P William IV Infantry Officer's Sword w/ Brass Bowl Guard, Sold

A very unusual bespoke version of the British 1827 pattern infantry officer's sword, possibly from the Spanish Carlist War, with brass bowl guard, William IV, pipe-back blade, in very good condition.

1827P Pipe Back William IV Infantry Officer's Sword w/ Bespoke Brass Bowl Guardimage E59 1

Sold Item Notice

It is too difficult to tell if the very unique brass bowl guard for this 1827 Pattern British infantry officer's pipe-back sword was made that way or added / modified slightly later; we suspect the oater, but not that long after the sword was originally made. The 1827P with its pierced guard and weak folding section was highly derided for its hand protection. Clearly, this modified version was done for an officer who feared the consequences of any sword on sword engagement with the official pattern hilt. The brass bowl guard is well fitted and has a patina to indicate it is a period modification.

image E59 2

image E59 3

The tablet form etching with the royal cypher of King William IV dates the blade at least from 1830 to 1837; we suspect the bowl guard was added during this date range as well. The maker's name "Vernon" of 4 Charing Cross London still very clear. The 31 1/2 inch blade is well above average condition wise. There are a number of small nicks to the forward cutting edge which we believe to be period, so it perhaps saw action during the First Carlist War, which might also explain the special hilt, perhaps the officer was not bound by the strict British regulation pattern; the bowl does have a strangely Spanish look to it.

image E59 4

In any event, the blade is in such good order, it alone is worth the sale price of £xxx. Further / full sized images available upon request. Our item reference number is E59 (776)

image E59 5

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