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George V The Royal Scots Lothian Regiment Officers Broadsword, sold

In good to very good condition, a George V Scottish infantry officer's broadsword, marked to The Royal Scots Lothian Regiment, with a bequeathment plaque to the hilt, testifying the original owner was Lt. Col. William Thomson, also known as Sir William Thomson, LL.D.

George V The Royal Scots Lothian Regiment Officers Broadswordimage E57 1

Sold Item Notice

Marked to Wm Anderson & Son Military Outfitters Edinburgh and Glasgow, the hilt with a bequeathment plaque to the 7th / 9th Highlanders, The Royal Scots. Our limited research shows that the original owner, William Thomson, was commissioned into The Royal Scots Lothian Regimen just after WW1, on the 17th March 1919, and that he went on to become knighted and an author.

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The 32 inch well etched blade bearing the name and emblems of the The Royal Scots Lothian Regiment is in good condition, some patina spots but not too many. Blade is firm in the hilt; the hilt with some light pitting but generally very good. The crimson hilt liner and royal blue edging is in good shape, aged of course. The fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are very good, a little faded in colour. The crimson red tassel is good. The leather field scabbard also good, the sword sheathes and draws well, though a little loose. A good buy with plenty of research potential. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item reference E57 - Box 813-1.18.

We understand Sir William Thomson was Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh and also had Freedom of the City, Glasgow

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