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1796P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Sword, Osborn, sold

In good overall condition, an iconic Napoleonic Wars 1796P British light cavalry trooper's sabre, stamped crown over 8 (normally for maker Osborn) proving issued to regular cavalry regiment.

1796P Napoleonic British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Sword, Osbornimage E15 1

Sold Item Notice

The crown over 8 acceptance mark to the blade is associated with makers Osborn, and also Tatham & Egg. Having handled a few of these, we can say it most likely is for Osborn for this sabre. The crown acceptance mark also means the sabre was purchased by the British Ordnance for a regular / front line cavalry regiment in the British army during the Napoleonic wars. There is one period nick to the cutting edge of the blade, which means this sabre may have seen action including a defended slash against a French opponent's sword.

image E15 2 Crown over 8

The 32 1/2 inch blade is generally sound / strong but has some pitted areas. The blade is firm in the hilt, the steel stirrup guard is well patinated but solid. The later replacement blackened (feels and looks like pitch rather than paint) grip is sold in the hilt. The steel scabbard is well aged and patinated but strong and sound. The sabre sheathes and draws very well, the scabbard being able to hold the weight of the sabre, meaning the inner wooden lines are still there, and this means the sheathed sabre does not rattle in the scabbard like many. A lovely example for a low price of just £600. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number E15 (791).

image E15 3

image E15 4

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