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1897P Victorian Royal Engineers Officer's Sword, Wilkinson, sold

In good overall condition, a Wilkinson made 1897 pattern British Royal Engineers Officer's Sword, serial number 36059 for 1898.

1897P Victorian Royal Engineers Officer's Sword, Wilkinson, dated 1898image D50 1

Sold Item Notice

A Boer War era sword, the blade etching particularly crisp and well preserved.

image D50 2

image D50 3

The 32 inch has had the tip rounded off; perhaps it was damaged impaling someone, or perhaps it was done by the owner to make the sword safe when he retired. But with the blade at 32 inches, it does not really show nor detract. The etching is very good, the blade firm in the hilt. The plated hilt has suffered through time with the plating almost gone, but the steel seems sound and without pitting, so this would make a very good candidate for the hilt to be re-plated for what would make an exceptionally fine sword given the superb condition of the etching on the blade. The fishskin grip with its fine twisted silver / steel grip bindings are in very good shape. The plated steel scabbard is missing its suspension rings and again, would be a good candidate for re-plating along with the hilt to provide a very fine item.

We have not researched the original owner. A copy of the Wilkinson sales ledger exists and requests for information cost just £10; hopefully, this would provide the original offer's name. A very good sword. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number D50 (749).

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