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Georgian (circa 1810) British Naval Midshipman's Dirk, Sold

In good condition, an ivory grip "propeller" pattern Royal naval midshipman's dirk from around 1800 to 1810.

image D41 1

Sold Item Notice

Called a "propeller" dirk because of the almost propeller style cross-guard, this dirk dates from the beginning of the 19th Century, possibly the end of the 18th. The 23.7 cm central fullered blade is aged with some patina, but still fairly sharp and in very sound order, firm in the hilt. The hilt has some movement, not much. Generally in good order, the ivory grip has a couple of cracks as to be expected with ivory of this age. Who knows what vessels this dirk was worn on, and what if any action it saw. A good solid and evocative investment. Please quote item reference D41 (726). Full sized images available upon request.

image D41 Georgian British Naval Midshipmans Dirk



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