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1854P Victorian British Grenadier Guards Officer's Sword, Sold

A stunning Victorian Grenadier Guards officer's sword by Wilkinson, in very good condition.

1854 Pattern Victorian British Grenadier Guards Officer's Sword, Wilkinsonimage D20 1

Sold Item Notice

An iconic sword which is very difficult to source in such good condition. Etched with battle honours, the Wilkinson serial number is 9682 for 1859; yes, this sword is over 150 years old. The Wilkinson sales ledger still exists and for a small amount you can hopefully obtain the original owner's details; we have not made any enquiries, so this sword is genuinely un-researched and has bags of potential for the same.

image D20 2

image D20 3

The 32 1/2 inch blade is in exceptionally good condition, some very feint speckling but nothing much, etched with battle honours, the Grenadier Guards grenade, VR cypher, Wilkinson name, etc. and firm in the hilt. The hilt in very good condition, some aging to inside of guard, the backpiece having some patina / lost plating. The heavy steel scabbard is very good but one throat screw is missing and the original wooden liners inside the scabbard have obviously gone as the sword does move in the scabbard. What is particularly nice is the blade was period sharpened, and is still quite sharp now, but sharpened exceptionally well, we presume by Wilkinson, so as not to diminish the beauty of the blade.

A sensational sword, truly. Further pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number D20 (720)

image D20 4

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