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Circa 1825 British Cavalry Officer's Mameluke Sabre / Sword

Georgian British Cavalry Officer's Mameluke Sabre possibly an export item (no Royal Cypher).

British Cavalry Officer's MamelukeBritish Cavalry Officer's Mameluke Sabre

Sold Item Notice

Exceptionally fine British made cavalry officer's mameluke sabre with stunning pipe-back edge and clipped point, circa 1825, very well etched but without a royal cypher. I am sure this is British made given the foliate etching, pipeback and clipped point are so typical of the Georgian era, but there is neither a maker's name nor a royal cypher. It is likely therefore this sabre was made for a British cavalry officer towards the end of a monarch's (perhaps William IV's) reign, or for a foreign army's officer, or as a private commission. Perhaps the lack of a Royal Cypher explains the lack of a maker's name, as they may not wanted to have put their name to it!

Georgian balde etching

In any event, this sabre was made for field use, given the plain horn grip, steel scabbard and blade. An exceptionally light sabre making it ideal for a hussar; the 32 inch blade's double edged point clearly sharpened for field use. The absolutely typical British foliate etching is the best preserved I have seen; a truly lovely sword to hold.

Georgian Sword Etching

The scabbard is a little rusted in places, the horn grips a little loose, but overall a very good example of a fine fighting mameluke. Further pictures available upon request.





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