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19th Century Borneo Dyak Mandau Head Hunter's Sword, Sold

Complete with companion knife, this is an excellent Borneo Dyak Mandau in very good condition, repair to hilt.

19th Century Borneo Dyak Head Hunter's Sword with companion knifeimage C91 1

Sold Item Notice

An excellent head hunter's sword in very good condition, except for the repair to the hilt (the bone had cracked as is common and one part had obviously come away / has been filled / repaired). The 55cm blade with cut out designs, geometric inscriptions and brass / copper disc inserts show this to be one the best quality blades available. The bone and animal (probably monkey) hair hilt is superb, except for said repair which blends well with the original. The rattan and carved bone scabbard / sheath is very aged but sound and in good condition for its age. Complete with original companion knife, etc.

image C91 2

A great piece and investment. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number C91 (692)

image C91 3

image C91 4


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