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WW2 Imperial Japanese Type 95 pattern Army NCO's sword, sold

In good condition and with matching sword vs scabbard serial numbers, this is a 100% guaranteed authentic WW2 Imperial Japanese Type 95 pattern Army NCO's sword / katana.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Type 95 pattern Army NCO's swordimage C89 1

Sold Item Notice

The Japanese Type 95 pattern Army NCO's sword is one of the most reproduced / faked swords in the world, be warned. But we 100% guarantee this one to be an authentic WW2 Imperial Japanese army issued shin gunto. How do we know? Correct sarute loop size, correct bohi blade groove position, correct fuchi material and stamps, correct blade serial number and Kokura arsenal stamps. The serial number of the blade and saya (scabbard) throat are identical, 34866, so this is an earlier sword which must have seen some action / history.

image C89 2 matching serial numbers

The 67cm blade (excludes habaki) has been rudimentarily field sharpened at some stage; it has scouring to the blade; this is believed to be period. But the blade is in good condition, with a few very small nicks to the cutting edge. The hilt is worn, the original copper coloured paint has mostly gone as is to be expected. But everything is basically in very good order; the sword sheathes and draws well, the locking mechanism works. This genuinely is a good example and the blade could be polished if desired, though we would personally leave it as is.

Again, we guarantee this item is authentic and have no hesitation is saying it is very good value. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number C89 - Box 682-1m.

image C89 3

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