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WW2 1935M (Type 95) Imperial Japanese Army NCO's Katana, sold

With clear shrapnel damage to the saya (scabbard), a WW2 Japanese type 95 NCO's shin gunto in sound condition.

WW2 1935M (Type 95) Imperial Japanese Army NCO's Katanaimage C86 1

Sold Item Notice

We guarantee this WW2 Japanese type 95 NCO's shin gunto is authentic, not a later reproduction. It is a so called "married" sword, in that the sword and scabbard are not original to each other. After WW2, the allies held vast numbers of captured Japanese swords where the swords and scabbards became separated. When they were given as war trophies to various dignitaries and service personnel, swords and scabbards were "married"; this is such a sword. So this shin gunto and its saya / scabbard are 100% authentic, but they did not belong to each other while in Imperial Japanese service.

The saya / scabbard (serial number 38204, so an early war item, probably 1939) is very interesting in that it would have seen ,much of the war and clearly was involved in active duty as there are clear shrapnel dents to it; the Japanese NCO who was issued with this saya clearly did not make it through the war unscathed. The scabbard has been "cleaned", but there are some traces of the original paint still there. The shin gunto sword is much later, with a serial number of 107618, so probably dates to around 1944. This sword has also been later "cleaned"; it is in fair to good condition. The 26 1/8 inch blade (excludes habaki) is firm in the hilt, the sword sheathes and draws well, the locking mechanism locates / works.

Again, this is a 100% authentic WW2 1935M and therefore a great buy. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number C86 (693).


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