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Early 20C Superb Hanuman Head Hilted Balinese Keris / Kris, sold

An exceptionally well carved Hanuman head hilt with good wavy blade Balinese keris, early 2oth Century, in good condition.

Early 20th Century Superb Hanuman Head Hilted Balinese Keris / Kris

Sold Item Notice

This is a well above average carved hilt from around 1920; although such craftsmanship still exists on Bali today, it is scarce and selective; this is not a tourist piece and we guarantee it would be the admiration of most Balinese. The 7 luk (curve) 32cm blade is of quality two piece design and firm in the hilt. The kris sheathes and draws well into its scabbard. Our price is only £x (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for small fee). Further pictures available upon request. Please quote item number C80 (668).

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