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1821 Patt British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, sold

A rare 1821 pattern British heavy cavalry trooper's sword, pre-1829, made by Reeves of Birmingham, in good condition.

1821 Patt British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, pre-1829, by Reeves Birminghamimage C45 1

Sold Item Notice

You know this sword was carried by a trooper of one of Britain's premier cavalry regiments because there were no heavy cavalry yeomanry (caveat: one yeomanry regiment had heavy cavalry members but these were issued used / handed down 1796P's ). There appears to be feint markings to the scabbard but not enough to read / determine any regiment. In any event, the only clear marking anywhere is that of the Birmingham maker "Reeves" which dates the sword to pre-1829 as that is when he (Charles Sr.) joined in a partnership with Joseph Greaves and thus became Reeves and Grieves.

image C45 2 reeves

The 35 3/8 inch blade is mostly very good for its age, though the tip end has suffered some pitting over the years. The blade with proof slug is firm in the hilt, the hilt actually very good, the grip very aged and worn with wood showing through; sneeze, and you may blow off what leather that remains, though what remains seems to be fairly well attached, so it should be able to be kept as is. The blade actually sheathes and draws very well, the scabbard holding on firm when fully sheathed, which is great to be candid.

A rare, rare sword. The mighty sabres had a very long and arduous life. They were kept in favour to the 1853P by many regiments for as long as possible, and then passed on to what heavy yeomanry there were, or used for practice, or cut down for cutlass. So there are very few of of them around and, believe it or not, that makes this one well above average condition wise! Grab it while you can; a veritable bargain. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote item reference number C45 - Box 654-1.18

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