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French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, Klingenthal 1814, Versailles hilt, sold

A well above average infamous Napoleonic French An XIII heavy cavalry (Cuirassier) trooper's sword, Versailles hilt, Imperial Klingenthal blade dated January 1814, matching hilt and scabbard numbers.

Waterloo French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, Imperial Klingenthal 1814, Versailles hiltimage C43 1

Sold Item Notice

They truly do not get much better than this, and yes, we 100% guarantee this is an authentic Napoleonic French heavy cavalry sword (it is not, repeat NOT one of the hundreds of reproductions sold as authentic elsewhere on the Internet). In superb condition, the Versailles hilted Imperial Klingenthal bladed An XIII Cuirassier sword and scabbard is what almost every collector dreams of. There are no post-1815 markings, the fact it was bought by us in England, plus has a spear point absolutely says "Battle of Waterloo pick up / battle trophy" (or war trophy obtained very shortly thereafter). This model of sword was replaced in 1816, after Waterloo. What An XIII's stayed in French national service invariably had new (post 1815) acceptance stamps added; the stamps (poinçons) on this sword are all pre-Waterloo. You can see the correct poinçons for Krantz, Bick and Lobstein (see list of poinçons versus dates here).

image C43 3 Imperiale Klingenthal January 1814

image C43 poincons

The hilt actually tells a story in that it almost certainly had a replacement blade (the 1814 blade now in it) fitted for the Grande Imperiale Armie, as the original rack number (1234) has been crossed out, and the scabbard bears the same new rack number (721) as the hilt. So the hilt was originally on a blade that got damaged; who knows, perhaps the sword has performed a kill, though most likely in the French-Russian War. Because the French Empire was short of arms including swords, every last part was used. So this hilt was then given a new blade and scabbard, probably in January 1814 when the blade was made, or very shortly thereafter.

image C43 2 Versailles hilt matching numbers

The sword and scabbard are in well above average condition. The grip also has the original leather, a massive bonus given it may well have been held in a kill and was almost certain to have been wielded at Waterloo, and remains in very good condition, a little thin but not too bad. The twisted grip wire bindings are later but authentically done. The massive 96 cm blade is in very good condition and has not been over cleaned like many blades; the poinçons are still very clear, as is the blade's date inscription. The blade is firm in the hilt. The brass hilt in very good order, a little tarnished, we would be inclined to clean it a little with oil and an abrasive plastic cloth perhaps but not a brass cleaner (not make the brass too bright as it once was); the aging is about right already, but the choice is up to the new owner of course. The typical mark three scabbard is in very good shape; no rust, just a patina here and there. The sword sheathes and draws very well. A great and highly evocative investment. Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item number C43 (652).

image C43 4

image C43 5

image C43 6

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