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Edo / Shinto Period Japanese Wakizashi signed Fujiwara Iyetada, sold

An early Edo / Shinto wakizashi blade, circa 1624, in early to mid 20C Imperial Japanese type mounts.

Very Early (1624) Edo / Shinto Period Japanese Wakizashi signed Fujiwara Iyetadaimage C35 1

Sold Item Notice

A very attractive Japanese wakizashi with bags of potential. The blade signed Ka-Shu Ju Fujiwara Iyetada, the smith working circa 1624 in the Kaga Province of Japan (see: Fujiwara Iyetada).

image C35 KaShu Ju Fujiwara Iyetada

The tang with three menuki-ana peg holes, indicating the blade had a long history. Mounted with cherry blossom rich fittings indicating the furniture is Emperor Hirohito era, most probably a WW2 official's sword confiscated at the end of WW2. I suspect the saya (scabbard / sheath) is later. The cat scratch habaki indicating the owner was very proud of his family blade.

image C35 2

image C35 3

The 46.5 cm blade is clearly very well made with few forging marks, a little Ji-Nie, and no apparent flaws. The blade clearly would benefit from an expert polish and I suspect a superb finish could be achieved. The tsuka is good but worn and frayed in places, and new bindings would probably enhance the appearance. The lacquered saya I suspect is later, though it may be period; the kozuka companion knife is missing. The fuchi and kashira both with Imperial Japanese cherry blossom (sakura). A plain iron tsuba.

Further / full sized images available upon request. Please quote item number C35 (645).


image C35 4

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